Some garden products, such as soil, seeds, and fertilizer, always sell a lot every spring. But why order these for delivery online when you can go out to a pallet in your neighborhood and get them when the sun makes you want to grow things?

“The possibilities are endless with The Smart Pallet,” says Jonas Wallin. “Thanks to the pallet, we can now start working with predictive deliveries. This is amazing.”

Jonas Wallin is the Nordic Sales & Marketing manager at Weibulls With Friends. To him, there is no doubt that the new logistics standard will open up entirely new business possibilities.

“One of the very first things we want to try is to place some pallets in a selected residential area. When the season comes, and you’re in the mood to putter about in the garden, you simply go to the pallet and get the supplies you need. We’ll make sure that the right products are there and will refill the pallet as they run out,” Wallin explains.

Not all of the details have been finalized yet, though. How the seamless payment method is supposed to work, for example, is still not settled.

“These are details that are relatively simple to figure out. Right now, we’re looking for a residential area that wants to test this concept with us,” says Wallin. He then explains that they have also begun to outline how the system can be developed further and can create synergy effects in cooperation with Weibulls’ friends.

“Together with Willab Garden, we want to try out a concept that makes it possible for someone who owns a greenhouse to get everything they need for the greenhouse. And with our friend Substral, we want to supplement the content of the pallet with plant fertilizer.”

By using The Smart Pallet, Weibulls With Friends can better serve the end consumer and can supplement all of their other sales channels with a more direct channel where immediate feedback becomes a natural thing. What products need to be refilled and what products are needed in a pallet in a particular area?

“This is taking e-commerce to the next step. You get what you need before you even knew you needed it. How cool is this?” says Wallin.

Being able to give people what they need when they need it, and preferably also where they need it, means that Weibulls is thinking far beyond just residential areas.

“Our pallets can be placed in a parking garage, and the payment system can be connected to our parking apps. We are also looking at how to use the enhanced end-point storage Leveriet offers. These options would make it possible for customers to collect what they need when they are passing by anyway,” says Wallin.

The friends in Weibulls With Friends can be anyone who sells something that is used in a garden.