THIS IS A SMART PALLET. It can tell you where it is, what has been put into it, and what has been taken out of it. On November 21, it will be saying hello to you.

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What is The Smart Pallet?

If you add your products to the smart pallet, you will have a mobile warehouse that adapts to the needs of your recipients. Your products can be where they are needed, when they are needed.

The smart pallet can be shipped anywhere by anyone. Also, anybody can deliver products to the smart pallet. It will become whatever you want it to be: a small reloading place, a small warehouse, or a little shop. Those who want to buy a product from the pallet shop by taking what they need out of it. Returns? The same thing, but in reverse.

Where would you place your smart pallets?



The smart pallet is an opportunity created by the Internet of Logistics. The Internet of Logistics is a new cloud-based-technology standard developed by Ericsson—in co-operation with 50 other players in the logistics world. Today, this is an open standard managed by IATA, among others. All you need to start sharing information is a web browser.

You can easily connect your existing systems to the Internet of Logistics. LogTrade offers integration with enterprise resource planning systems, e-commerce systems, and warehouse management systems.

The system will be able to interact with all your carriers and logistics partners, and you can easily add new friends to the system. You can also add your own sites, meaning locations that can become your new logistics hubs, warehouse sites, or an entirely new network of shops. The system can be connected to various smart products, gadgets, or devices as well as smart labels, which in turn can report where pallets and packages are, what the temperature or humidity level is, and whether packages have been shaken or dropped.

You can develop your own apps for the system or use one of the finished applications customized for shippers, cross-docking hubs, service points, drivers, service technicians, contractors, or recipients. The pallet is delivered by Nefab, a company that also provides smart packaging for different needs.

To be continued at 12 noon on November 21, 2018.