At the heart of our digital logistics system is a cloud-based technology that never rests. It is designed to be implemented in ERP systems, warehouse management systems, and e-commerce platforms. Once in place, it improves the picked items per minute, overview, traceability, and everything else transport related. It also provides our customers with a stable pulse throughout their whole supply chain—preferably with as little human involvement as possible.

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Unlimited data storage, fully customizable and working at lightning speed. This is where transport data are turned into knowledge that you can act upon, today and tomorrow.



When will the goods be delivered? Where is the component? An uninterrupted flow of shipping information makes it possible to plan production.



LogTrade can be integrated directly into your ERP system. Then it will automatically grow in pace with your company, and it will always be updated to the latest available version.

Our Digital Logistics Software—A Renewable Propellant

A package travels across land and sea. How well the journey ends depends on how smoothly the shipping information travels through the electronic dimensions. But the journey also generates new information—data—about your transports and shipments. Data are the oil of our time. By refining it to high-octane knowledge, it can be used to power your company toward achieving new goals—a more sustainable and explosive fuel the world has never seen. That is why we proudly offer a digital logistics system that can provide you with a deluxe propellant. Are you ready to put the pedal to the metal?

What Features Do You Want?

LogTrade makes the whole transport process possible and offers a range of features before, after, and during different stages of the shipment. If you need more features—or more functionality—than you originally thought, we will set them up for you.

before shipping


  1. Multi-Carrier Checkout
  2. Timetable
  3. Booking
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creating the shipment


  1. Web interface
  2. Mobile app
  3. Batch import
  4. Automatic cost calculation
  5. Automatic choice of carrier
  6. Automatic consolidation
  7. Customer unique validation
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  1. Notifications
  2. Data sharing
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after delivery


  1. Data sharing
  2. Statistics and analysis
  3. Invoice control
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Join Us In Real Time

What does LogTrade look like in action? Want a guided tour of the ERP system Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics NAV, one of the strongest ERP systems on the market to see how LogTrade integrates with it? Let us know and we will arrange a webinar in English. LogTrade is the only TM system that has been certified by Microsoft.