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»Webinar: Additive features«

Are you getting the most out of LogTrade today?

LogTrade offers everything from return management to a smart checkout solution and everything in between. In this webinar, I, Malin Borg, will show you the possibilities LogTrade’s logistics system has. I will show you additive features that you may not have even known existed that can improve your company’s logistics management and delivery service when used correctly.

The webinar is 20 minutes long and will be held on the 18th and 19th of April 2018. One of these seminars will be in English.


This webinar will be offered in both Swedish and English. Dates and times are presented below.

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Swedish: April 18th, 9 AM

Svenska: 18/4 kl 09.00

Swedish: April 18th, 1:30 PM

Svenska: 18/4 kl 13.30

English: April 19th, 9 AM

English: 19/4 at 09:00 CET

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