»Willab Garden Customizes Deliveries«

When buying garden and outdoor items from Willab Garden this spring, your delivery will be sent via the best delivery option available.

Willab Garden's checkout

Willab Garden has made it easier, and maybe even more fun, to shop online. In the website’s checkout, customers are now offered the most suitable delivery option based on how large and heavy their package is—by which weight class it belongs to, in other words.

Do you need a new grill brush, for example? It will automatically be sent to your nearest service point. Which service point it is will be clearly shown on a map at checkout. If you have purchased one or more “semi-heavy” products, they will be delivered to your home. If you have chosen to buy a greenhouse, such as the gorgeous model Victoria, Willab Garden will deliver it to your home themselves with one of its own delivery trucks.

A Simple Plugin

Willab Garden can offer its customers different delivery options via LogTrade’s Multi-Carrier Freight Checkout, a plugin that enables Willab Garden to choose which delivery options it want to offer its customers. Multi-Carrier Checkout can be configured so that the customer can decide which delivery option suits him or her the best.

LogTrade’s Multi-Carrier Freight Checkout is carrier neutral.

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