ERP Systems

»Digitization in Practice«

This Wednesday, March 21st, we will be in Värnamo at the trade fair for logistics and enterprise and resource planning (ERP) systems called Logistik & Affärssystem. Will we see you there?

This year, the theme for the fair will be digitization. We will learn how “NCC Digitizes the Construction Industry with Tinder for Secondary Construction Masses” and what Husqvarna’s big automation venture is. We will also get to listen to Jonas Hammarberg explain why companies should “get digital or die trying.” In addition to all of this, there will be demonstrations of multiple ERP systems and smart new features that will show you what digitization looks like and what the results of it are in practice.

Read more or sign up here.

Marcus Wigren will be representing LogTrade (at the Värnamo Conference Center: Gummifabriken). Do not hesitate to go and say hello.



Marcus Wigren from LogTrade showing a nice person something interesting

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