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»Improving Construction Logistics Together«

How can the standardization work for delivery processes in the construction industry be improved? This Thursday, February 8th, LogTrade’s Karl Björk is going to BEAST in Stockholm to take part in some much needed and important development work.

LogTrade has been a member of BEAST for several years. BEAST stands for Byggbranschens Elektroniska Affärsstandard in Swedish, which roughly translates as the Construction Industry’s Electronic Industry Standard. BEAST is a meeting place where companies and organizations from the whole industry come to talk everything related to B2B e-commerce, such as EDI, web solutions, and e-communication. BEAST now also runs important development projects aimed specifically at improving construction logistics.

On the agenda for Thursday’s all-day meeting of the BEAST logistics committee is, among other things, the following question:

How can delivery process standards in the construction industry be improved?

Karl Björk is looking forward to a day when innovative solutions to improve construction logistics are discussed. As LogTrade’s representative, he will contribute with important suggestions for and approaches to how a digital logistics system can help with development. As a bridge between the suppliers’ and the construction engineers’ respective systems, the logistics system has just as inescapable a role as good communication and cooperation.

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